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Pep believes Kompany could end up managing City in the future.

Manchester City football manager Pep Guardiola is confident Burnley manager Vincent Kompany will end up returning to manage the Blues. Pep just led Manchester City to defeat Burnley of Kompany’s former team 3-1 in the Premier League. last Wednesday However, Pep saw that Burnley fought well

Liverpool 4 – Chelsea 1

Liverpool edged out their rivals by 5 points again. After opening their nest to defeat Chelsea 4-1 in the big Premier League match last Wednesday night. Liverpool played their first league game after the announcement of Jurgen Klopp’s retirement and played at home against Chelsea, having

Spurs beat Brentford 3-2.

Spurs beat Brentford 3-2, making it into the top four again with a better goal difference than Aston Villa in Premier League Football.  The game started 15 minutes into Brentford’s turn to lead 1-0. Christian Norgaard passed the ball to Evan Toney, who pulled into

Larsson sees Bergvall move to Barca as too soon.

Former striker Henrik Larsson thinks it might be too soon for Lucas Bergvall if the player decides to join Barcelona at just 17 years of age. Henrik Larsson, the legendary striker for the Swedish national team, spoke about the news that. Lucas Bergvall, the 17-year-old

Grading Arsenal players in the UEFA Champions League game 

Grading Arsenal players in the UEFA Champions League game Open home match against Sevilla comfortably 2-0: Player Ratings. The Gunners also show excellent form over Sevilla, easily dispatching the visitors from Spain 2-0, with only one chance to shoot throughout the game. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Copenhagen 4-3 Manchester United: Points after the game

Copenhagen 4-3 Manchester United: Points after the game: 10 Red Devils unable to resist Dropped to the bottom of the Champions League group. Hoylund scored 2 goals. Rashford received a direct red card in the 42nd minute. Bruno was involve in every United goal. From the

Dangerous diseases that come with fat.

However, although ‘ fat ‘ is as beneficial as other food groups. But if it is eaten in large quantities, it will accumulate in the body. This will cause many diseases as well. Today, according to ‘good health’ to meet with types of diseases. That are very important factors

Causes and risk factors that cause clogged acne.

The main cause of clogged acne comes from the sebaceous glands producing too much oil. The hormone Androgen is also involved. which is a regulator of growth and oil production. When the body produces androgen. It stimulates the production of oil. But if more is produced than needed, it will