Cow’s milk makes you fat and risk of protein allergy?

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However, even Cow’s milk is a product that is beneficial to the body. But there are still concerns about consumption. For example, cow’s milk is another cause. Protein allergy In fact, protein allergies usually occur in children during the first two years. And found only 2-3% only. There is also no report or research stating that Protein allergy This happens to teenagers or adults. Or in another case, Understanding that drinking milk causes obesity and clots in the arteries. 

From the nutritional information of cow’s milk. It is stated that In cow’s milk, the fat content is only 3.8%. Compared to other types of food. It is considered a very small amount of fat. In addition, in the production process. Many manufacturers prefer to separate the fat from pure milk to please the health-conscious consumer. UFABET There is often a word written on the side of the box that says “ Low fat ” or fat-free milk.

It can be seen that milk is a product that ‘Consume less but get more’ That is to say, drinking about 100 ml of milk will provide 118 mg of calcium, so in the case of calcium deficiency, calcium levels can be increased by drinking just one carton of milk! Knowing the good benefits of milk. Then don’t forget to turn to drink cow’s milk and turn to be generous to the person next to you. Follow the slogan ” If you love someone, let them drink milk .”