Chelsea hopes to appoint Pochettino to persuade Kante to extend his contract.

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Chelsea hope the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino will be a catalyst and will help convince N’Golo Kante to extend his contract quickly.

The Telegraph reports that Chelsea want a new contract with Kante. Whose contract expires at the end of the season. Which has been negotiated for a while. And it is hoped that the appointment of Pochettino. As the new manager will help eventually reach an agreement.

Chelsea have been in talks with Kante’s representatives since before the sacking of previous manager Graeme Potter. and in the past few weeks. The two sides discussed the finer details, with the Blues optimistic that the 32-year-old midfielder will agree to the offer. And now hope that Pochettino will help to convince again UFABET.

It has revealed that Kante is keen to work with Pochettino and wants to stay at Chelsea as the original capital. While the Argentinian coach in the past once wanted a diligent defensive midfielder to play for Paris Saint-Germain. When managing a team in Ligue 1, but not fulfilled.

Kante has injured for a long time since the beginning of this season. The stadium has been abandoned for seven months. But the former Leicester City midfielder has now made seven appearances for Chelsea since April. And with a style of play that uses high power, it should suit Pochettino’s team approach very well.