Legend believes Gerrard won’t let Liverpool win easily

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Liverpool legend John Barnes believes Steven Gerrard will not allow his former club to easily beat Aston Villa in the Premier League on Tuesday night, according to Liverpool FC. Coco

The Reds need 3 points in this game very much. Because it will still have a chance to compete for the championship with Manchester City, however, their former footballer thinks that “Stevie G” will not allow it to happen at Villa Park for sure.

Liverpool legend John Barnes has slammed the suggestion that Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard will not want to win against his boyhood club.

“Yes, he could lie down and let the opponent win 6-0, but definitely not. he is professional He wants to win this game.” the UFABET report

“Last time when Liverpool played against Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United would have won the league if we beat them (season 1994-1995), but we won and we beat both the teams. Blackburn and Manchester United.”

“I’m sure that’s what Steven Gerrard was hoping for as well. He hopes to get a competitive result for Aston Villa and hopes that when playing against Manchester City he can help Liverpool. He won’t give up easily because his team is the most important. That’s what you can expect,” said Barnes.