Stam predicts Van de Beek future if Ten Hag take over

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Manchester United legend Jaap Stam has released his predictions. About the future of midfielder Donny van de Beek, who was loaned out to Everton after Eric Te. Na Hag took full control of the Red Devils this summer.

“I always knew how good Van de Beek was. We have known him well since his birth with Ajax in the Dutch League. Just as soon as he came to Manchester United, he didn’t get the chance to play,” Stam said on the UFABET website.

Former Manchester United favourite Jaap Stam has blamed Donny van de Beek’s teammates for his lack of opportunities at Old Trafford.

The Dutchman departed Erik ten Hag’s Ajax for a move to the United in the summer of 2020. However, the 25-year-old struggled to cement a regular first-team spot and was forced to play a bit-part role in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure,but will reunite with his former boss in the summer.

“Even I don’t know what caused it. Perhaps there were many things that caused him to suffer such a fate. which we are outsiders should not be continually guessing.”

“however The information I have received is that Van de Beek is doing everything well by standards. Sometimes it just needs a teammate who can catch up with each other to help support. Because you can never grow up on your own in this industry.”

“Manchester United over the years has always been playing individual football. Players in different positions rarely support each other. In fact, the co-ordination of players in each position is the key to success.”