We’ve got the South American champion! There quorum for the ‘World Club’

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We’ve got the South American champion! There is a quorum for the ‘World Club’ FIFA Club World Cup 2023, a program that Manchester City will definitely take.

The 2023 Club World Cup will held in Saudi Arabia. Progress is on getting 7 team members, a quorum is reach. Let’s see what kind of Club World Cup 2023 it will like. Who Manchester City will meet there.

Even though it’s not very close to arriving yet. But the progress of “Club World Cup 2023”, the FIFA Club World Cup. The last time in the old format. is to have 7 team members, a quorum is reached when the Copa Libertadores. The face of the South American champion appeared over the weekend. So this opportunity is to go see together what the 2023 Club World Cup is like. Who Manchester City will meet there.

Copa Libertadores 2023

The things that started playing together at the beginning of the year Making it possible to reach the conclusion of the battle for the king of South America. It was just this past weekend.

It can be said that Copa Libertadores. This latest version It is truly a competition between Argentina and Brazil.

Because starting from the round of 16 (final stages), there were 4 representatives from Argentina, consisting of Boca Juniors, River Plate, Racing Club and Argentinos Junior. S

Brazil has 6 representatives: Atletico Mineiro, Palmeiras, Fluminense, Flamengo, Atletico Paranaense and Internazionale . Nal , with 2 of them still having to meet each other (Mineiro v Palmeiras)

The direct clash between Argentina and Brazil also begins there in two matches: Argentinos Juniors v Fluminense and River Plate v Internazionala. l

The highlight is the last pair. When they were evenly matched, River Plate won 2-1 at home. But when they returned to play in Brazil. Internacional Went back with the same score 2-1.

The game had to decide by a marathon penalty shootout. Each side lined up to shoot with 10 people on each side. The last one was Internazionale. A thrilling 9-8 win, meaning Inter only missed one shot.

On the Boca Juniors side , even though they didn’t face the Brazilian team. But they faced a difficult task against Nacional from Uruguay. Where the first match came out 0-0, the second match came out 2-2 and had to be decided by a penalty shootout as well. The result was Boca, winning 4-2.

It was also found that before being able to compete in the finals, Boca Juniors had to exert extremely severe effort, with all They “couldn’t eat their opponents” in the combined scores of the two matches and had to decide by dueling “every round”.

  • Round of 16 teams win on penalties against Nacional (Uruguay) 4-2.

    Round of 8 teams win on penalties against Racing Club (fellow league) 4-1

    . Playoffs win on penalties against Palmeiras (Brazil) 4-. 2

Boca reached the final, while River Plate did not come to the match. The team that defeated River Plate was Internacional. It didn’t reach the stars either. When going in, they missed out on Fluminense with a total score of 3-4 in the playoffs. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท