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Dangerous diseases that come with fat.

However, although ‘ fat ‘ is as beneficial as other food groups. But if it is eaten in large quantities, it will accumulate in the body. This will cause many diseases as well. Today, according to ‘good health’ to meet with types of diseases. That are very important factors

Causes and risk factors that cause clogged acne.

The main cause of clogged acne comes from the sebaceous glands producing too much oil. The hormone Androgen is also involved. which is a regulator of growth and oil production. When the body produces androgen. It stimulates the production of oil. But if more is produced than needed, it will

Cow’s milk makes you fat and risk of protein allergy?

However, even Cow’s milk is a product that is beneficial to the body. But there are still concerns about consumption. For example, cow’s milk is another cause. Protein allergy In fact, protein allergies usually occur in children during the first two years. And found only 2-3% only. There is also no

Benefits of Ice Cream.

Did you know that In front of the sweet, cold, fragrant, delicious ice cream. What are its benefits to the body? And importantly, behind it there are also penalties. Because has the property of being cold because of ice as the main ingredient. Top benefits What makes many