Kaka predicts Liverpool will get revenge or get revenge on Madrid

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Kaka, the legendary Brazilian offensive midfielder. Prediction that in the UEFA Champions League game In this season’s final. Liverpool will have revenge on Real Madrid. Will their former club be revengeful and win their 14th title?

“This has been a wonderful season for Real Madrid and most of the credit goes to manager Carlo Ancelotti for returning to our success,” Kaka told UFABET.

The UEFA Champions League has moved on to the knockout stages where scoring goals is at a premium. The teams with the top midfielders hold a big advantage, as they could score and keep possession of the football. 

“I have enjoyed watching football at the moment. Because they have just seen the beloved team win La Liga, and they also reach the UCL final in Paris as well. I don’t know how it will end in the end But I can assure you that Madrid are strong enough to win the 14th title for sure.”

“Liverpool are an unbelievable team. Over the years, they have shown great power all over the world. And now they are one of the best teams in football. Many players are tall enough to decide a win or lose in a fraction of a second. This is dangerous.”

“The important fact is that Liverpool lost to Madrid in the UCL final years ago. and when we are looking at it as revenge or revenge It adds more dimension to make this match even more spicy until it looks really many times before.”