Pep Guardiola on Manchester City’s unresolved issues

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Pep Guardiola‘s interview. After leading his Manchester City side to a 5-0 thrashing of Newcastle United in the latest Premier League match seemed to vent the frustration. In his heart that he had kept. for a long time.

“The whole country and the media support Liverpool. Because they’re great on the European stage, but with the Premier League they’ve only won it once in 30 years.”

Just this single sentence made the media and fans frown. Ask what happened to this great coach.

On one side, it can be understood that Manchester City were just knocked out by Real Madrid in the semi-finals in the UEFA Champions League. Came in a very traumatic way Where there was a lead shot in the 70th minute, the total dropped 5-3. But the Phapae car pushed it upside down when it was about to reach the temple. By taking 3 balls at once, choosing to collect the scene.

After the game, both fans and chairman Sheikh Mansu were visibly angry. With some City fans even chasing Pep Guardiola away from the team because they couldn’t take them. He achieved his goal of dominating Europe. the UFABET report

The owner himself came out for an interview with a cut for his destiny. As if he wasn’t good enough for Champions League again

The media was mixed with an analysis in the same way. That As a result of such a shock elimination, how much will it affect the minds of the Blues in the Premier League title race?

While on the other side , Liverpool made a spectacular comeback with three shots in a row in the second half teaching Villareal home to qualify for the final. Of course, they received overwhelming praise.