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Why is UFABET the best Baccarat website?

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Rules for playing baccarat online The most popular baccarat website in 2022

  1. Dealing of cards. For playing, there will be its terms. Because in each play, the dealer to deal cards will be dealt to only two parties only. That is, the banker’s side and the player’s side, where each side handles 2 equal cards. Once you’ve dealt two cards, you can still get a 3rd card, there’s also a condition.
  2. Counting points For the matter of counting the points of Baccarat is not difficult at all. You just have to look at the face of the card that you have been given. That the number of points of each card corresponds to the face of the card, but if it is A, it counts as 1 point, and if it is in English such as J,Q,K, it counts as 0 points. Whoever has a point close to 9 As much as you, that side will win. and received the prize money
  3. Deduction For the matter of deduction of Baccarat It can be deducted in two ways, one being deducted 5% and not deducting at all. To deduct 5% would mean When you have placed a bet on the banker’s side and not broken That is, you place a bet on the player’s side.