Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla: Post-game points Champions League: The Gunners show

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Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla: Post-game points Champions League: The Gunners show a solid defensive game. A sharp offensive game, and are about to advance to the round of 16.

• Arsenal needs another 3 points in the next game to guarantee 100% qualification.

• The team keeps 100% clean sheets in their home games to play in the Champions League this season.

Arsenal showed strong form. Especially the defense that stopped the visiting team. From creating one chance throughout this game, causing Arsenal to win 2-0 at home over Sevilla. Leading the group after 4 games in the championship group stage. League Report from ufabet

Problems with player injuries for the Gunners

For the first time this season, Arsenal are without as many as six senior players. After Eddie Enketia was the latest to be injured. However, their “attacking dimension” is largely missing. Without the name of Martin Ödegaard, captain of the team, In this game they were able to hold on to their offensive game for almost the entire game. But the lack of second-row football is dangerous. This made them create fewer chances to finish than the entire 90-minute game, and that is something the Gunners must continue to fix.

Gabriel Martinelli is one of the most creative men in the game today. But without a target spearhead who knows his heart And the quality of his crosses in the final third was uncertain, making many chances today almost entirely lost to the last ball. It is very interesting to think about whether the “Forward” will have reinforcements or not in the transfer market this January.

Tough defensive line “William Saliba”

The French national team’s defense plays more confidently. Arsenal’s defensive game is perfect. And there’s a lot of confidence when he’s on the field. Both in terms of good ball possession, reading the game and cutting the ball, speed that is not inferior to any team’s strikers. That makes him very outstanding in the Premier League, including in this game being the mainstay in shutting down the visiting team’s scoring opportunities with great success.

Arsenal’s defense today worked well. The coordinated moments, “the colliders and the overlapping ones” were able to collect them all, partly due to Sevilla’s own play where they were “inaccurate” in the attacking area. and there were too few attackers. Due to their importance in the defensive game Until causing the middle area to have to send Ivan Rakitic, who was staying as a reserve in this game, to help make the balance somewhat better. But it wasn’t enough to regain any momentum from falling behind by two goals.

The defensive game is not disciplined enough. The offensive game has “1” opportunity for the visiting team.

Sevilla this year has had problems before the season even started in terms of debt that directly affects the issue of losing players. and team reinforcement Plus, no sooner had the season started than there was a change in coach. All of this has led to Sevilla’s poor start to the season, with them languishing in the bottom half of the table. and is tied for last in the Champions League at this time.

The problem in this game of Diego Alonso’s team was that they started with a tight defensive setup. Which they had always done well until one mistake cost them the first goal. They were distracted. And it became an opportunity for Arsenal to do it often. Until conceding the second goal That turned out to be the end of the game by default.

But what was worse was that the attack was unable to create any finishing moments throughout the full 90 minutes. They only had one shot opportunity, and it came in injury time. which underscores the reason for their poor performance this year.