Grading Arsenal players in the UEFA Champions League game 

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Grading Arsenal players in the UEFA Champions League game Open home match against Sevilla comfortably 2-0: Player Ratings.

The Gunners also show excellent form over Sevilla, easily dispatching the visitors from Spain 2-0, with only one chance to shoot throughout the game. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Arsenal player ratings

David Raya – 6

Didn’t have to do anything throughout the game because the visiting team had 1 shot opportunity in this game and it was a long-range shot that was light weight as well.

Takehiro Tomiyasu –

Excellent in 7 roles as an invert full-back. There were some nice moments with the ball before being substituted for rest at halftime.

Gabriel – 7

handled the visiting team’s offensive line well. Tackles strong. Almost all of the balls in the air were picked up.

William Saliba – 7

still did an excellent job in sweeping away the away team’s attack, paired well with Gabriel and White, they got along well and made no mistakes.

Ben White – 7

Starting as right back as usual. But today there aren’t many rising moments, it’s more about supporting the defense on the starboard side.

Declan Rice – 7

controlled the game in the middle of the field with Jorginho. Control the rhythm and have some opportunities to add to the ball in the front line.

Kai Havertz – 6

Missed a golden chance with a close header early in the game, then tried to find several more finishing opportunities but missed them all.

Jorginho – 8

Today’s form was outstanding with his drive in the middle of the field. There were many beautiful passes and he was also involved in the first goal that stabbed Saka into the penalty area.

Gabriel Martinelli – 7

through the left side throughout. with excellent defensive play for the visiting team Unfortunately, the strike into the middle was not good enough, but there was 1 assist from Saka who slipped in and shot.

Leandro Trossar – 7

Looks for the opportunity to move and create opportunities to penetrate the middle. But today I didn’t get to play with the ball so much that I had to come out to the side several times. But he is known as a scorer from a simple tap-in that opened the head for the team in this game.

Bukayo Saka – 8

returned to form again with a 1-for-1 shot, leading the team to grab 3 points. Even though many people called for some rest after his form dropped recently, it looks like Arteta is still there. Believe and let him enter the field as a stand-in as always.