Larsson sees Bergvall move to Barca as too soon.

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Former striker Henrik Larsson thinks it might be too soon for Lucas Bergvall if the player decides to join Barcelona at just 17 years of age.

Henrik Larsson, the legendary striker for the Swedish national team, spoke about the news that. Lucas Bergvall, the 17-year-old young midfielder of Djurgardens. Close to signing a contract with Barcelona that it may be too early for him to move to play with the Azul Grana team at this age. From a reveal with Mundo Deportivo last Wednesday. UFABET 

Barcelona are competing with Tottenham Hotspur to sign Bergvall, with the Azulgrana having the advantage over Spurs. Because the players have more desire to move to play with the giant team in Catalunya. 

While Larsson, a former striker for the Swedish national team, had experience playing with Barcelona from 2004-2006. He sees that his grandson’s move to play with Azulgrana will be a change. Good for the players. But it may have happened too quickly for a player who is only 17 years old. 

‘It was a nice change from Djur Gardens But maybe a little too soon, I don’t know. He probably feels the same way too. I know him well I don’t follow domestic football closely. and never watched him play But I know what position he plays and I’ve heard rumors. It would be good for him if that was the case. Playing and representing Barcelona is one of the greatest things you can do as a footballer.’ said the 52-year-old former striker.