Benefits of Ice Cream.

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Did you know that In front of the sweet, cold, fragrant, delicious ice cream. What are its benefits to the body? And importantly, behind it there are also penalties.

Because has the property of being cold because of ice as the main ingredient. Top benefits What makes many people like to eat is that it helps to quench thirst and cool down better than water in the summer. And eating ice cream affects the mind and mood to make you feel happy. A study conducted at the Institute of Psychology, London, England found that. Eating can reduce stress. It is comparable to listening to music that can help lower the temperature and cause euphoria UFABET

Benefits of ice cream Another important point has nutritional value and provides energy to the body. Because there is milk as another main ingredient, it has both protein and calcium that are beneficial to the growth of children. by the amount of milk that children drink Should receive each day is 2 glasses. So if any day that children stubborn refusal to drink enough milk We were able to let him eat some ice cream instead because it contains protein and calcium as well as milk. Especially with a mixture of different types of fruit. All have added nutritional value.