Dangerous diseases that come with fat.

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However, although ‘ fat ‘ is as beneficial as other food groups. But if it is eaten in large quantities, it will accumulate in the body. This will cause many diseases as well. Today, according to ‘good health’ to meet with types of diseases. That are very important factors from eating fat do better than me.

1. Obesity is a condition caused by eating too much. Until the body can’t metabolize in time causing excess weight and leading to cardiovascular disease. The obesity that is often exceeded by eating fried or high-fat foods. Including crispy fried snacks, pork fat, butter, and cheese. Which are all favorite menus of many people. UFABET 

2. Fat clots in the arteries is a popular disease of Thai people caused by the accumulation of too much in the body. The unabsorbed fat accumulates in the skin and blood vessels. In some people who eat large amounts of fat but are not fat…don’t be complacent. Because it is not certain that those fats may not accumulate in the skin layer, but in the area of ​​the blood vessels. It will be difficult. Especially the brain that needs blood to nourish all the time. If the blood can’t be transported, then it can cause a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

3. Cancer Most of the foods that contain a lot are foods that are fried. Whether it’s fried meatballs, surf fish and other snacks. Which when those oils are fried over and over again. will cause a reaction with food If ingested, it increases the risk of serious diseases such as stomach cancer. In addition, in fried foods there is a substance called ‘Acrylamide’ which causes liver cancer and breast cancer.