Causes and risk factors that cause clogged acne.

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The main cause of clogged acne comes from the sebaceous glands producing too much oil. The hormone Androgen is also involved. which is a regulator of growth and oil production. When the body produces androgen. It stimulates the production of oil. But if more is produced than needed, it will accumulate in the pores. In addition, it combines with dead skin cells or shavings in the pores. Resulting in clogged acne. This is because the oil is so thick and viscous that it cannot be expelled into the skin outside. Areas that have many sebaceous glands include the face, scalp, upper chest, and back.

There are also other external factors that can trigger acne breakouts as follows:

  • Not washing your face properly or washing it too often and intense face washing
  • sensitive skin problems Especially if you have oily skin as well.
  • allergy to cosmetics Including hair styling products that contain certain ingredients that may stimulate acne breakouts.
  • Stress symptoms will result in poor blood circulation UFABET
  • Hormones change near or near menopause.
  • Using drugs that contain steroids (Steroid) or using prednisolone (Prednisolone) regularly
  • Squeezing your own pimples incorrectly It can cause cracks inside the pores, causing clogged pores.

You should choose facial cleansing products and cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type. Does not contain perfume. There is no oil that is gentle on the skin or states that it does not cause clogged pores (Non Comedogenic). If there is a drug that helps prevent acne, that would be good.